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Marketing is to business, and particularly to retail, one of the most important elements of business.  Whether selling shoes, or selling services, the ability to articulate a feeling through various media requires careful attention to the message, and the formats with which you convey it.  From ABL advertising in print, to digital marketing advertisements and social media integration, today’s marketing requires a comprehensive and cohesive strategy that brings a common experience to your customer, across all touch points.

Effentii works closely with our partners and clients to develop omni-channel marketing strategies that take advantage of various platforms and media.  Data driven strategies that target appropriate audiences, and on the appropriate platforms, ensure efficient and economical marketing.  We strive for inspiration and customer engagement, and our performance metrics are defined by our clients’ success.

Marketing Active

Participation and engagement, and the emotional connection of your customer to your message, and to your brand – Effentii provides active marketing and social media strategies.  It is our goal to see our clients’ performance enhanced, whether their KPI be an increase in sales, or simply increasing their brand position and identity in the marketplace.

“Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards”
Jay Baer

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