Effentii Corp – TAG Level

TAG Level - by Effenti iCorp

TAG Level - by Effenti iCorp

TAG Level – Simply Living

Executive Management

Providing guidance and management expertise in niche development, affiliate and merchandise planning, marketing, human capital recruitment and training.  Effentii worked to provide expertise, and guide the introduction of the TAG Level brand to the lifestyle content delivery marketplace.

Site Design & Development

Effentii prepared Design Frameworks for the development and building of all web interfaces, and worked through the selection criteria and review process for the selection of affiliate partnerships.  Working with brand partners to provide the necessary planning and marketing assets to ensure success, Effentii managed and reviewed the development and construction of TAG Level’s entire platform.

Affiliate & Product Strategy

Developing product selection plans, and working with brands to ensure new products are clearly ‘in sync’ with brand philosophies and lifestyle concepts.  Establishing effective tools to ensure a clear implementation of business strategy and KPI’s for the monitoring of business goals – providing clarity and participation in business strategy and sales goals.  Working with teams to develop an understanding of visual merchandising, product placement, content creation, media scheduling and customer flow.

Sales Planning & Marketing

Working with brand partners and management to develop sales plans, and incorporating sound merchandise planning strategies to ensure efficient and profitable partnerships.  Creating strong relationships with marketing partners to increase brand awareness and customer traffic, while building a strong common multi-channel experience across all touch-points.

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