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Digital commerce, or e-commerce, has evolved at an exhausting pace in recent years.  It is no longer the simple facilitation of trading in products or services online, but rather an entire ecosystem of interconnected and cross-communicating platforms and devices that integrate into a common experience for the consumer.  Desktop, mobile, tablet, gaming console or TV – the list of available touchpoints for consumers is evolving rapidly.

Effentiicorp works with e-tailers, and those engaged in digital commerce, to clearly plan and implement strategies that engage a growing, and increasingly expectant digital consumer.  We offer the expertise and experience necessary to develop solutions that leverage available technologies, and embrace the spectrum of opportunities in the marketplace.  Our passion for retail, both traditional and digital, means we offer inspired and innovative solutions in every channel.

Digital Marketing

The field of digital marketing covers myriad areas, from predictive analytics and the use of “Big Data”, to SEO and banner advertisement – to outline but a few.  Effentiicorp works to ensure our client’s benefit from a wholistic view of marketing variables and tools, to ensure their marketing and planning meets the needs of their businesses.

Leveraging our experience, and the expertise of our partners and our teams, we provide uniquely insightful marketing programs and guidance, which enhances the success ratio of our clients, and propels them towards their business goals.

Web Development

The Effenticorpi team is composed of experts in the field of web development.  Our designers and developers have been working at Internet and web development for nearly 20 years, and have taken part in the evolution of Web commerce.  Our extensive experience and perspective provides our customers with comprehensive and expert guidance in the development of web strategies, and ensures quality implementation and first-class results.

Using our development and lifecycle planning framework, Effentiicorp web solutions leverage our expertise in development to offer spectacular results for our clients – we don’t just create a static experience for our clients, we provide a multi-channel ecosystem that engages their customers, and activates them towards continued participation and ‘buy in’ to the organization.

Payment Systems & Fulfillment

Participating in the global market requires varied and often disparate business units and departments to work together.   In many cases, companies outsource key business activities, requiring even further integration to create cohesive and efficient business systems and operations.

Global sourcing, logistics, payment and fulfillment are all part of the infrastructure to be developed, and the Effenticorpi team is uniquely well versed in creating seamless integrated platforms that leverage existing business strengths with the perfect integration partners – offering both reliability and scalability to our clients’ business operations.

We are retailers ourselves, working hard in the development of our brands, which uniquely qualifies as “knowledge from experience”.  In addition to working with our own brands and products, we have worked extensively in online commerce from fast casual dining, to fast fashion, sportswear and academic research – it is this broad range of knowledge that provides us with a comprehensive overview of the digital marketplace.

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